Contender Barrel 14 7MM International Rimmed cal. Target sights & sun shade. Was originally chambered for 7MM TCU but was rechambered to 7 MM International Rimmed. Used for Metallic Silhouette shooting. Included is a set of Redding reloading dies needing a shell holder. Has usual frame rub marks. The item “Contender Barrel 14 7MM International [ Read On… ]

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EMc Gun Parts & Services. T/C Contender 223 Remington 21 Barrel Leupold Mount Simmons Pro-50 Scope. The scope on this barrel may look ridiculously oversized for the caliber, however; if you seriously pursue varmints, the extra magnification, and light gathering capabilities will come in to play for those longer pre-dawn and dusk situations. Cosmetically the [ Read On… ]

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