Thompson Center Contender/G2 Pistol Barrels. TC 4107 Barrel 45-70 Govt 14” Blue with Muzzle Tamer and No Sights, fits Thompson Center Arms original Contender and new G2 Contender frames. These are a non-tapered bull barrels. Arthur Brown Company, Inc. 4088 County Road 40 NW, Garfield, MN 56332. The item “4107 Barrel fits TC Contender/G2 14” [ Read On… ]

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50 caliber Round Barrel for a… Thompson Center New Englander! 50 caliber Round barrel! Outside finish is browned… This barrel has been stripped and browned presumably by hand. If you are into the original finishes this is unique. I have never seen a New Englander with a browned barrel. The bore has the normal wear [ Read On… ]

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